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The Hmslive is the live cd that released in 2005 and was recorded during the Gods 2002 tour in Bradford England .
The CD is truly outstanding with all the familiar tunes that are played on this cd such as New girl Now,Burning in love and some of their newer tunes such as What I know and touch the sun.

Lead vocalist Johnnie Dee captivates the crowd with his power house sultry vocals and shows the crowd what an amazing performer he is.

Keyboard player Peter Nunn enchants the audience with his keyboard solo and at one point during his performance Johnnie comes back on stage and asks Peter if the others can come back on stage and play. LOL

Lead guitarist Derry Grehan mesmerizes the audience during his guitar solo and leaves them screaming for more.

It gives the loyal long time fans a thrill to hear all of their favourite songs played live but also gives new fans a taste of what they can expect from the guys when they do go see them play live.




Click on the links below to hear samples from HMS Live



All along you knew


New girl now


Guitar Solo


Johnnie Wave Babies intro


Touch the sun


What does it take